About The Circle

The Circle is an annual conference exclusively for invited trusted advisors to the leaders of corporations or organizations. Chief Communications Officers and Chief HR Officers gather in an informal setting to hear from some of the sharpest minds in Europe and to talk about everything but communications or HR.

Through peer debate, expert discussion and the exchange of novel concepts, this annual event stimulates and inspires new ways of thinking and the sharing of experiences. Subjects range from politics, media and the economy to philosophy, art and science, allowing our attendees to explore ideas that reach beyond the scope of their daily doings.

The Circle is not-for-profit and organized by peers for peers.


"The most interesting, stimulating and challenging conversations I’ve had at any industry gathering all year were at The Circle. If you’re lucky enough to be invited, definitely go."

Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite and speaker at the 2013 Circle

"I had the pleasure of presenting to the Circle who proved a very sharp and insightful and curious audience. Receptive, open and warmly challenging, our conversations quickly lead to debate, discovery and live problem-solving in the moment. With only a light distinction between attendees, organisers and presenters, it was a real group experience, across conference halls, dining rooms and rooftop bars!"

David McCandless, Founder and Owner, Information-isbeautiful.net

"Inspiring contacts, unusual venues and interesting networks – these are the ingredients that make the Circle conferences so well-rounded. There are very few occasions that allow high-level communicators to exchange ideas in such a wonderful setting."

Elisabeth Schick, Senior Vice President Communications & Government Relations, BASF Group

"Attending the Circle has been an opportunity to step out of the corporate world and think about the acts that have brought about enormous changes around us. I also enjoy the opportunity to talk sports, science, invention and philosophy. I am, always, greatly inspired by the people I meet at the Circle gatherings."

Angela Agoawike, International Affairs Officer, Gas Exporting Countries Forum

"The Circle provides both high-level learning and plenty of opportunity to share experiences and network with public relations peers in a structured and yet relaxed atmosphere. If you go to only one conference a year, the Circle might very well be the one you should attend."

Bjorn Edlund, Principal, Edlund Consulting