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Increasingly, a few functional chiefs are also chosen to act as trusted advisors to an organisation’s leadership. These are often the Chief Communications Officer or the Chief HR Officer who, in this added capacity, get confronted with a plethora of issues that go way beyond their functional mastery. Consequently, they need to be experts in their functional area and at the same time constantly broaden their scope and learn about a wide array of other topics. CEOs go to Davos for this, but where can a CCO or CHRO meet true peers and learn about anything but her/his profession? The answer is The Circle – an event format created 10 years ago by a group of European communications professionals based on their experience with the American Seminar and the hunger for a more international experience.

Since then, The Circle has become an EACD flagship event, by invitation-only, for the most senior, trusted advisors to the leadership of corporations, NGOs, and political, scientific or religious organisations. Attendees confirm the uniqueness and value it offers compared to the conferences they usually attend. The Circle is organised by peers for peers in a not-for-profit spirit. Speakers are suggested by the Steering Committee based on actual topics of interest and relevance, an intriguing relationship with the actual venue or intellectually challenging ideas. Content is always first-hand. Speakers talk about their own experience, actions or thinking and we devote as much time to the discussion as is needed for the presentation. In the past years, the speakers themselves, finding the program and attendees so intriguing, often chose to stay for the whole conference. The discussions typically continued over dinner and other exploratory activities around the venues.

One of our objectives for this year is to escape the usual echo chamber and invite diverse and contrary speakers without compromising the intellectual level.

If this speaks to you and you feel you would benefit from the offering, we would very much welcome your participation.

And for further questions, please reach out to us or members of the Steering Committee you know.

We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest.


Chairman of the Steering Committee

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